Tyler Bradt

Stevensville, Montana
© John Webster
Name Tyler Bradt
Country US
Hometown Stevensville, Montana
Current Residence Wizard's Eye
Age 34
Years Paddling 34

How do you stay in shape for paddling?

Enjoying outside on the regular, and jailhouse workouts on the boat.

What rapid / drop you’ve ran that you wouldn’t run again?


What other forms of shred get you psyched?

Surfing, BASE, Skydiving, Paragliding, Sailing, Spearfishing, Snowboarding.

One life goal outside of kayaking?

Diversify my life experiences as much as possible, spread good vibes, and enjoy every moment as much as I can.

Last booty beer? On what river?

A couple years back on the Nile. Ran a back channel called Widow Maker by myself as the sun was setting and enjoyed a good beat down and memorable swim.

Where would you like to travel?



KAVU, NRS, Dagger, AT, Goal Zero, Smith Optics, Voke.