Todd Wells

Trout Lake, WA
© John Webster
Name Todd Wells
Country US
Hometown Trout Lake, WA
Current Residence Trout Lake, WA
Age 29
Years Paddling 47
What do you want to be when you grow up?
Someone young bucks can look up to to get out and follow their dreams, conserve river ecology, and send it!
What’s your definition of success?
Fulfilling any challenge. Success can be as simple as finishing a work out or as savage as winning the NFC!
If you got sponsors, give them a shout!
Mountain Mind Collective, NRS, Dagger, Astral, Werner
Gnarliest thing you’ve ever eaten?
North Fork water.
What are you doing to protect our free flowing rivers?
I am getting on a flight to Nepal now. We are attempting to run the upper section of the Humla Karnali, but we are also working with an NGO in Nepal who is fighting to keep the Karnali free flowing. We are documenting gps data, imagery, and geological info as well as attending meetings to help support the Save The Karnali movement. Also will be public speaking in Sun Valley in May about our 24hr speed run down the salmon as a fundraiser for Idaho Rivers United.
Displacement or planing hulls?
How many days have you gone without showering?