Tad Dennis

Peachtree City, GA
Name Tad Dennis
Country US
Hometown Peachtree City, GA
Current Residence Wherever the RV is parked
Age 33
Years Paddling 27
If you were given a million dollars how would you spend it?
I would buy an RV with a hot tub on the roof!
What traditional sports have you done in your life? Basketball, Volleyball, Wrestling, etc.
What’s your favorite piece of gear (boats included).. ever?
Not really sure, but I am really liking this double tunnel rand skirt from IR right now.
What’s the worst place you’ve unintentionally vomited?
My Pillow
Are you more of a hunter or a gatherer?
My beautiful wife, Lisa, is very good at both of those things, and I just paddle.
What have you done towards being an advocate for our free flowing rivers (or what will you do)?
Support AW!
Dagger Kayaks