Sam Grafton

Index, Washington
© Jason Jacopian
Name Sam Grafton
Country US
Hometown Index, Washington
Current Residence Index, Washington
Age 27
Years Paddling 11
What is the best country to travel to right now for kayaking?
Do you have any pre-kayaking rituals?
One strange thing that I am really good at…
Drawing Blood
Why should the Trick Force (top ten last year) pick you to race Jake’s?
There is nothing I love in life more then Kayaking big water. I spend about as much time as anyone on flood rivers and swollen creeks looking for new hero lines. This race looks sick I’d be stoked to part of it!
What is your favorite part of the North Fork Payette?
Bouncer Down the Middle!
Never have I ever…
Base Jumped
What is one word or phrase you want associated with your name?
Dagger, Werner Paddles, Five Ten, KAVU, Snap Dragon Design, Julbo Eyewear