Name Sam Ellis
Country US
Hometown York, England
Current Residence UK
Age 33
Years Paddling 23
What is the best country to travel to right now for kayaking?
North West America
Do you have any pre-kayaking rituals?
Stretch, scratch my hands and paddle with the earth, expand my lungs, focus and go.
One strange thing that I am really good at…
Making babies
Why should the Trick Force (top ten last year) pick you to race Jake’s?
I have a love for that Big Whitewater. Big powerful features just like me haha.I want to represent the weekend warriors, the 9-5’s, the dads & mums on tour. This event is next level and I want to be a part of that!!! Plus when I was a young teenager I promised my mum I would be a champion…
What is your favorite part of the North Fork Payette?
Ill let you know soon
Never have I ever…
Turned down a cup of tea
What is one word or phrase you want associated with your name?
If it weren’t for these guys Id still be in my kit from 2008 so big shout out to Whitewater the canoe centre, Kokatat, VE Paddles and SystemX.But I wouldn’t be here with out the support from my wife Simone and kids Ethan, Sienna and Lucie big love XXXXX