Name Pat Keller
Country US
Hometown Asheville, NC
Current Residence Liquidlogic RV, Anywhere
Age 0
Years Paddling 25

What is the best country to travel to right now for kayaking?

I always want to head to California for this time of year

Do you have any pre-kayaking rituals?

Visualization and surrounding myself with good energy. I try to focus on that perfect line, while staying aware of the dangers. Find those markers!

One strange thing that I am really good at…
I love getting my hands dirty with diesel oil. Can’t say that I’m good at it yet but I sure do enjoy tweaking with the older ones.

Why should the Trick Force pick you to race Jake’s?

When I’m on, I’m dangerous.

What is your favorite part of the North Fork Payette?

The blind, fast corners and the shapes of the wild waves

Never have I ever…

Ridden a sandworm

What is one word or phrase you want associated with your name?



Liquidlogic Kayaks, Werner Paddles, Immersion Research, Astral, Shred Ready, Watershed, Sugarlands Distilling (MOONSHINE)