Matias Lopez

San Rafael, Argentina
© John Webster
Name Matias Lopez
Country US
Hometown San Rafael, Argentina
Current Residence San Rafael, Argentina
Age 33
Years Paddling 17
What do you want to be when you grow up?
What’s your definition of success?
Success is the positive result of an action or plan, but for me a person who fights hard for his convictions is successful, even without achieving the objective in his actions.
If you got sponsors, give them a shout!
Athletes, people who train throughout their lives to get results, in most of them is an obsession. In this growing but very popular sport , the level is competitive and very high, therefore it is difficult to reach the level of the the best in the world without adequate support.

Lately I see many people doing incredible things, big falls, technical rapids or with very serious consequences, risking their bodies as we all know, broken backs, dislocated shoulders, trying to go beyond certain limits.
Many of these guys seek the support of some brand, is it worth risking so much?
Maybe it is becoming a game of supply and demand, where starts a very risky stake.

Athletes are more than just an image or a good result, they should be valued for the effort and the projection they have for the sport and what they need to be the best.There are many who could be the best in the world and left halfway because they did not have the right support.

Questions to reflect…
How much effort does an athlete make?
How much time and money does an athlete invest?
How much money should get paid and why?
A kayaker needs the brand or the brand needs him?
What happens if you break your back or injure yourself?
Are social media more important than a good athlete?
Do brands look for sports people or popular people?

Gnarliest thing you’ve ever eaten?
Sweet and crispy Gadfly, during a expedition in the Andes, Argentina.
What are you doing to protect our free flowing rivers?
Lately I’m fighting against the “FRACKING”, where I live is really rich in minerals and petroleum. Mendoza is the only city who won the fight resisting the power of the big petroleum corporations! NO FRACKING!
Displacement or planing hulls?
Planing hulls, fast but less comfortable for the passenger!!! lol….
How many days have you gone without showering?