Gerd Serrasolses

Sort, Catalonia
Name Gerd Serrasolses
Country ES
Hometown Sort, Catalonia
Current Residence White Salmon, Washington
Age 32
Years Paddling 20
What do you want to be when you grow up?
A kayaker
What’s your definition of success?
To be able to do what you love and love what you do
If you got sponsors, give them a shout!
Adidas Terrex, GoPro, Pyranha Kayaks, Immersion Research, Galasport Paddles, Sweet Protection Helmets, Picky Bars, HF Safety Ropes, Watershed Drybags, Arcoiris Superfooods, Serrasolses Brothers Program
Gnarliest thing you’ve ever eaten?
American hotdog…
What are you doing to protect our free flowing rivers?
I’m eating unprocessed and unpackaged food to create less waste, not giving my support and money to the big monster industries such as meat, dairy, soft drinks… and teaching kids the importance of taking care of our rivers and the environment that surrounds us, there’s so much to do…
Displacement or planing hulls?
Planing for days!!
How many days have you gone without showering?