Geoff Calhoun

Bethesda, MD
Name Geoff Calhoun
Country US
Hometown Bethesda, MD
Current Residence 2007 Subaru Outback
Age 35
Years Paddling 24
If you were given a million dollars how would you spend it?
I\’d certainly donate some of it to conservation causes, buy a house in Washington (state) and go boating overseas until the next election. I\’d also support kayaking events around the country that are promoting our sport in the best way.
What traditional sports have you done in your life? Basketball, Volleyball, Wrestling, etc.
Skiing, Hockey, football, soccer, downhill wagon racing. Skeleton on a skateboard, drunk wrestling Diablito
What’s your favorite piece of gear (boats included).. ever?
Wildwater boats are a lot of fun, but the Werner Shogun has taken me far and wide. Ive used the same paddle design for maybe 12 years and it\’s the most stable, naturally comfortable blade I\’ve tried.
What’s the worst place you’ve unintentionally vomited?
Projectile Into my friend\’s wife\’s face. In her house, after a rough game of whiskey pong.
Are you more of a hunter or a gatherer?
I can\’t call myself much of a hunter if I\’ve never killed a large animal. I tend to collect things, and use them until they are completely trashed.
What have you done towards being an advocate for our free flowing rivers (or what will you do)?
I am a member and contributor to AW, ACA, and American rivers, I discuss the politics and threats against rivers with anyone who strikes up a conversation with me about kayaking.
Werner Paddles, Immersion Research, Dagger kayaks, Astral buoyancy/ footwear