Galen Volckhausen

Ithaca, New York
© John Webster
Name Galen Volckhausen
Country US
Hometown Ithaca, New York
Current Residence Yo mama's house
Age 22
Years Paddling 21

What is the best country to travel to right now for kayaking?

Do you have any pre-kayaking rituals?

Smoke herb until you are much higher then the river mon.

One strange thing that I am really good at…

Ping Pong & Blacking out.

What is your favorite part of the North Fork Payette?
Is it the $1.89 Shlitz at the store? Is it the corest group of gangster local paddlers? Or is it the 15 miles of whitewater? Is it the Banks Mag? Im not really sure but the NFP fucking rules!

Never have I ever…

Said never

What is one word or phrase you want associated with your name?
You don’t know your limits until you know your limits.


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