Name Evan Moore
Country US
Hometown Kernville, CA
Current Residence Sacramento, CA
Age 21
Years Paddling 16
What is the best country to travel to right now for kayaking?
Do you have any pre-kayaking rituals?
One strange thing that I am really good at…
Extreme Disc Golf
Why should the Trick Force (top ten last year) pick you to race Jake’s?
The Trick Force should nominate me to race in this years NFC because I am a young enthusastic boater who enjoys the competing aspect of kayaking just as well as running the stouts and this race gives an opportunity for both. I\’m excited to be apart of the next generation of boaters and would be stoked to get a chance to race against the top paddlers in the world.
What is your favorite part of the North Fork Payette?
The continuous nature of the class V stouts and all of my great buddies I get to meet up with again while paddling the North Fork.
Never have I ever…
Passed up a kayaking day to go to class 😉
What is one word or phrase you want associated with your name?
Nice guy
Immersion Research, Jackson Kayaks, Werner Paddles, Sierra South Paddle Sports