Eric Deguil

Cauteret, France
© John Webster
Name Eric Deguil
Country FR
Hometown Cauteret, France
Current Residence Pau, France
Age 37
Years Paddling 36

How do you stay in shape for paddling?

Eat branches and swim in the river, a normal beaver life.

What rapid / drop you’ve ran that you wouldn’t run again?

Tomata Uno, Mexico. I broke three of my lumbar vertebrae in this waterfall.

What other forms of shred get you psyched?

Eating French cheeses!!!

One life goal outside of kayaking?

Eat many pastries! France is good for that,  you should come!

Last booty beer? On what river?

Maybe two years ago on the Upper Palguin section, Portage rapid. I was like flushed and ejected out of my boat before the last drop!

Where would you like to travel?

Definitely would discover Patagonia.


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