David Bain

Chester, UK
Name David Bain
Country GB
Hometown Chester, UK
Current Residence Nottingham, UK
Age 25
Years Paddling 16
If you were given a million dollars how would you spend it?
I’d probably blow a fair wedge on a sweet camper van for touring Europe. The rest could go on a couple of pimp cabins and flights for myself and kayaking pals.
What traditional sports have you done in your life? Basketball, Volleyball, Wrestling, etc.
I’m pretty sure most true kayakers have failed at every sport previously tried therefore, that rules most things out! Squash is alright. (You guys call it racket ball)
What’s your favorite piece of gear (boats included).. ever?
My favourite piece of gear would have to be my paddles. Im pretty fussy about them! After that it would be my flute which tends to come traveling in the back of my boat!
What’s the worst place you’ve unintentionally vomited?
5th story window in the middle of Cardiff University. There was a brilliant pause after each wretch, before hearing it hit the floor. Fortunately Joe Morley was on hand to carry me to the club afterwards!
Are you more of a hunter or a gatherer?
I like to think I would be a measured hunter. An obsession to eat red meat would probably hinder long term gathering…
What have you done towards being an advocate for our free flowing rivers (or what will you do)?
I currently paddle on the River Legacy team, a charity which runs big kayaking parties in the UK. All profits go to river access funds, local clubs and paddlers in need. I also help with Save the River Conwy / Save our Rivers in the UK. This organisation/Activist community has so far blocked 2 attempts of a hydro scheme on the Fairy Glen and works with numerous European groups to help push the movement for free flowing rivers.
NRS, Pyranha, Kober, Kavu, River Legacy