Dave Fusilli

Underwood, Washington
Name Dave Fusilli
Country US
Hometown Underwood, Washington
Current Residence Underwood, Washington
Age 39
Years Paddling 22
If you were given a million dollars how would you spend it?
Really fuckin slowly. Going to have to spread that out over 30 more years of kayak trips.
What traditional sports have you done in your life? Basketball, Volleyball, Wrestling, etc.
Basketballs, football, track
What’s your favorite piece of gear (boats included).. ever?
My 7 Figure Dry suit. I hate to be wet.
What’s the worst place you’ve unintentionally vomited?
4 days ago in the park at Kern Fest, during the Festival.
Are you more of a hunter or a gatherer?
What have you done towards being an advocate for our free flowing rivers (or what will you do)?
I have been an american Whitewater member for a long time. I also do my best to show people our amazing rivers as much as possible via social media.
Pyranha Kayaks, Werner Paddles, Five Ten, Shred Ready Helmets, Immersion Research, Native Eye wear, Go Form Protects, Demshitz