Name Brian Ward
Country US
Hometown Arkadelphia,AR
Current Residence McCall,ID
Age 34
Years Paddling 17

First Kayak:
Perception Whiplash

Are you an Early Bird or a Night Owl:
Night Owl

Most essential piece of gear on an overnighter – Camera | Tarp | Rolling Papers | Float Bags?
Rolling Papers

Guilty Pleasure:
Grand Canyon Stikine: Wasson’s Hole

When’s the most stoked you’ve ever been in your boat? 
Wasson’s is one of those rapids you hope you never have to run, but
every now and then you have to. In 2013, a group of us were running
Wasson’s hard right, when my buddy Stew got swirled around and kicked
hard left heading towards Wasson’s hole. I made a decisions to follow,
in case of a faulty line, entering left (main line). Both lines were
spot on, paddling just feet from the ginormous hole know as Wasson’s
hole. Sailing threw the air, I felt the release of safety and
excitement that we all feel paddling the scary shit we consider fun.