Brendan Wells

Trout Lake, Washington
Name Brendan Wells
Country US
Hometown Trout Lake, Washington
Current Residence Trout Lake, Washington
Age 25
Years Paddling 19
If you were given a million dollars how would you spend it?
I’d buy my brother and I super cubs (tricked out Alaskan bush planes on floats) and fly all over AK and Canada searching for glacier lakes to land on with big rivers below!
What traditional sports have you done in your life? Basketball, Volleyball, Wrestling, etc.
Traditional sports are for highschoolers and urbanites. SHRED and SLASH sports are for real people.
What’s your favorite piece of gear (boats included).. ever?
Dodge Cummins 12V diesel truck to get up the mountains and to the river!
What’s the worst place you’ve unintentionally vomited?
Outside the guide shack right before a raft trip guiding the chief of police of Dallas down the river.
Are you more of a hunter or a gatherer?
Gatherer for sure.
What have you done towards being an advocate for our free flowing rivers (or what will you do)?
I studied environmental stewardship in college, and since have created several documentaries aiming to raise awareness of threats to watersheds from the Susitna River, to the Stikine, to the White Salmon River. My most recent passion project is a video series for the organization \”SHARE the White Salmon River,\” which is video series aiming to raise awareness among residents, companies, guides, recreational boaters and fisherman about ways that they can help with the ongoing restoration of the White Salmon River since the removal of Condit Dam. I also want to create media projects in the future that help protect our public lands!
Dagger, NRS, VOKE Tab, Adventure Technology, Astral, Watershed Drybags, Wet Planet Whitewater Center