Aniol Serrasolses

Sort, Catalonia
© John Webster
Name Aniol Serrasolses
Country ES
Hometown Sort, Catalonia
Current Residence White Salmon, Washington
Age 25
Years Paddling 13

How do you stay in shape for paddling?

Lots of LDubs.

What rapid / drop you’ve ran that you wouldn’t run again?

The Black Hole on the Rio Jalacingo in Mexico. Ninety footer blind into a wall, no bueno!!

What other forms of shred get you psyched?

I don’t know nothing besides kayaking…

One life goal outside of kayaking?

Marry Megan Fox.

Last booty beer? On what river?

Recently, double swim on some stout Colombian holes. I went under for 35+ seconds. Pretty scary.

Where would you like to travel?



Red Bull , Sweet Protection, Waka Kayaks, Werner Paddles, Smith Optics, Immersion Research , Astral, Watershed Dry Bags. Thank you all so much!!!