Kokatat Qualifier - Women's


Entrance Fee (USD) No Fee
Bag Pickup
Safety Meeting
Eligible Athletes
Bus Pickup

Kokatat Qualifier

6/17/21 10:30 am

A downriver sprint on S Turn Rapid. It is available to the best kayakers in the world competing in the NFC World Championship. Racers will begin at the top of S Turn and finish under the Kokatat banner at the bottom. The top 40 males and top 10 females will live to race again on Friday in The North Face Semi Finals. These top 50 racers will be announced at the LIVE Whitewater Awards event in Boise later this evening 6 PM at Egyptian Theatre.


Entrance Fee (USD) $75.00 Qualifier
Location S - Turn Rapid (Mile Post 90 on Hwy 55)

Registration must be done online by May 15th!

Bag Pickup 8:30 – 10:00 AM Registration at Big Eddy Campground
Safety Meeting 10:00 AM at Big Eddy Campground
Eligible Athletes Class V Paddlers who have previously paddled the race course.
Bus Pickup There is no transportation provided from the park to this race. Carpooling is encouraged.

The BoaterX

6/18/21 12:00 pm

The BoaterX is down S – Turn rapid. The Top 40 males and Top 10 females from the Kokatat Qualifier will compete in a head to head (where the fastest will face off with the slowest from the qualifier – one boat on course at a time) and the winner will live to compete in the Finals in the Main Event on Jacob’s Ladder!



Entrance Fee (USD) $Same entry fee from Qualifier.
Location S–Turn Rapid (Mile Post 90, Hwy 55)

Must be done online by May 15th!

Bag Pickup 10:30 - 11:30 AM at Big Eddy Campground (takeout for S-Turn)
Safety Meeting 11:30 AM at the bottom of S-Turn Rapid. If not in attendance, athletes will not race.
Eligible Athletes Top 35 Males from Kokatat Qualifier + 20 Invitees and Top 15 Females from Kokatat Qualifier + previous year winner
Bus Pickup There is no transportation provided from the park to this race. Carpooling is encouraged.

NFC Elite Race

6/19/21 1:00 pm

A Giant Slalom race comprised of gates through Jacob’s Ladder and Golf Course’s Class V+ whitewater. It is a timed race. If a racer hits a gate they will face a five-second penalty, and missed gates will add fifty seconds to their final time. Athletes will get two runs, and the better time will be kept for their score. Paddlers charge off the Red Bull ramp above Jake’s to initiate the start of their run and continue through the end of Golf Course and the last Toyota gate where their time will end. The racers who turn in the fastest time will be crowned King and Queen of the North Fork Championship and will be the NFC Champion. Twenty male paddlers and 5 females will be selected to compete in this division after placing in the Kokatat Qualifier and being selected by the NFC Trick Force.



Entrance Fee (USD) $Same entry fee from Qualifier.
Location Jacob’s Ladder and Golf Course (Mile Post 86.5, Hwy 55)

Registration is Closed!

Practice Lap Time 6/19/21 12:00 pm
Bag Pickup 10:00 AM at bottom of S Turn Rapid
Safety Meeting 10:00 AM Paddler safety meeting at Weilmunster Park.-- MANDATORY *Athletes not in attendance will not compete.
Eligible Athletes 20 Male Invitees + Top 10 Males from Kokatat Qualifier and Queen of North Fork VIII + Top 4 Females from Kokatat Qualifier
Bus Pickup Bus leaves from Weilmunster Park at 11:00 AM to the Main Event. Transportation is mandatory for Finalists to race course. If you don't ride the bus you DON'T RACE !!

The wrist band given to paddlers at registration gives access to all the events throughout the weekend – free of charge. Events include Friday night NFC Whitewater Festival kickoff party at the park, breakfast provided (for those racing) Saturday morning at the Dirty Shame. Dinner will be provided Saturday in the park, admission Saturday night to the awards ceremony in Weilmunster Park, and access to the NFC after party Saturday night held at the Dirty Shame!

Safety: Every athlete competing is required to paddle the course they are racing - prior to racing!

Boat Length: The boat length limit will be 9.5 feet. Boats over 9 ft in length must be a standard production whitewater kayak.

Timing: All races will be timed using a chip timing system with Boise based company Authentic Sports Timing.