FIRED UP for the VI edition of the NFC, thanks for all your energy ! Stoked to see everyone at the Family Reunion !

*pay careful attention to photo size... otherwise you will be subject to a spanking !!

** if you don't receive an email confirmation, we didn't receive the application. please try again or send us an email !


Rider Info
Expert Division

The Expert Division is open to all Class V kayakers. The top 35 will qualify to compete in the BoaterX through S-Turn Rapid, and the top 5 will be invited to race in the Elite Division through Jacob's Ladder as Wild Cards.
* Applications for Expert close May 20


Heats of 6 paddlers through S-Turn Rapid. No application or entrance fee. Eligibility given to top 35 finishers fromThursday's downriver race and the elite racers.

Elite Division

Applications for the Elite Division will be reviewed by the trick force (top 10 from previous year). 15 riders will be invited to join the Elite Division. List will be posted by May 1st.
* Applications for Elite close May 01

Question + Answer

Required if applying for the Elite Division


Should clearly show your mug. Must be less than 8MB.

Photo of you on the water, at least 1920px by 600px. Must be less than 8MB.